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Gaika - The Spectacular Empire II (10")

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“A mysterious motorcyclist with a valuable cargo makes his way from the another time towards a near future cityscape devastated by war. He travels at the behest of an unrequited love. Along the way he encounters a litany of symbolic and magical characters, each with a parable he must understand in order to reach his destination.” This is the entry point into a philosophical fantasy of GAIKA’s making. Fundamentally a situationist work The Spectacular Empire is multi-format in nature and is designed to be a powerfully participatory ‘real fiction’. Through the motorcycle outlaw and the classic Romeo & Juliet coded romance arc that is set in this universe and directly influenced by the music, The Spectacular Empire will explore themes of love and loss, wealth, labour, capital, automation, technology, rebellion, sex and above all hope for tomorrow's world. This set of 10"s offers the engaged listener a physical entry point to The Spectacular Empire and GAIKA's world and vision.


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