Dome Of Doom

Gangus - Anti-Self (Cassette)


"This body of work for me represents two years of working to find balance artistically. The music industry is tough and as it became increasingly difficult to stand out I found myself worrying more about how popular a track would be instead of focusing on what felt authentic and real to my own sound. With a seemingly infinite amount of abandoned project files taking up space on my hard drive I found myself at an impasse. Only after weeks or maybe months of trying to figure it all out did I come to the conclusion that in the end its all music and what I really enjoy is the process. I realized through trying to achieve “perfection” that I was no longer trusting myself or enjoying seeing a project through to the end. This was the Anti-Self taking control.

This album to me is a sonic representation of the ups and downs I went through mentally before and after understanding what was eating away at my drive to create. For me it will always be a reminder to stay mindful of those feelings and maintain balance throughout not only my artistic ambitions but my personal life as well."


Bad Place

The Anti-Self

BackDatBack (feat. Tsuruda)

I'm Broke (feat. Tsuruda)

On The Internet On Acid

Condensed Soup


Heavy Rotation

Palo Santo (feat. Paint)