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Gel Roc - Mass Elements (LP - Smoke Grey Vinyl)

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A new solo Gel Roc album, “Mass Elements” produced by Avatar. Featuring EX2, and an A-List of Heavyweight MC’s from the Project Blowed alum. This project is a heavy undertaking with dark undertones & straight up MC’ing at its finest with visual lyricism from an all-star cast and enough depth to drown a fish.

No Sun Shines feat. Abstract Rude & Ellay Khule

Blowed Sound feat. Medusa

Time Keepers feat. Self Jupiter & RadioInactive

Doom feat. Neila, Gajah and Beond

Majors & Minors feat. Digit 6

Euphemism feat. Syn

Humanimals feat. Awol One

Faces of Life feat. Vyrus

Ain’t No Denying feat. Megabusive

DTLA feat. Tobesko


Wide Asleep feat. B. Squid & Regret

Rite of Passage feat. Myka 9

Elemental Dissent feat. Xololanxinxo & 2Mex

Guided Mistakes feat. Origin

Killevangelists feat. The Shape Shifters, Avatar & Onry Ozzborn

Mass Elements feat. Aceyalone