Stones Throw

Grandmilly & Shozae - Adventureland (LP)

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MC/producer duo based out of Long Island, Grandmilly & Shozae, will release their debut full-length collaboration this summer via Stones Throw. Grandmilly (a rapper who was formerly of Raider Klan) has been quietly yet consistently putting out quality projects since 2012-- most notably an EP with Bones and a 2015 LP with SageInfinite. Shozae, a producer who is part of Long Island's Midnite Society, has been a close collaborator of Grandmilly for years.

Adventureland (Grand Opening)

Know The Ledge (Interlude)

Fool's Gold

Cyber Tech Suits

Street Life


Pleasant Times

Ol' Dirty Speaks (Intermission)

Ferris Wheel (feat. Dunny Cold-Facts & AJ Suede)

Army Of Kings (feat. SageInfinite)

Alright (feat. Makeda Iroquois)

Triple Zero Radio

The Man Show

Chancellor (feat. Petey Max)

Phillip Lim (Grand Closing)