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ILL BILL - What's Wrong With Bill? (CD)

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What’s Wrong With Bill? is the debut solo album from Non Phixion front man ILL BILL. The album is entirely produced by Bill’s brother Necro and features Goretex, Sabac, Q-Unique, Necro, Mr. Hyde and Uncle Howie. Originally released in 2004, WWWB has long been out of print on vinyl and CD. Box set reissue contains 3 pieces of colored vinyl, bonus 7 inch of “Gangsta Rap/How To Kill”, 24x24 poster of cover art designed by comic book artist Paul Gulacy and a 24 page 10x10 booklet with lyrics and pictures. Long before ILL BILL was a part of La Coka Nostra or Heavy Metal Kings he emerged with his crew Non Phixion during the 90s indie explosion in NYC. What’s Wrong With Bill? was Bill’s first step away from Non Phixion establishing himself as a prominent solo artist.


What’s Wrong?


The Anatomy Of A School Shooting

Glenwood Projects Feat. Uncle Howie, Necro & Goretex

Peace Sells


Death Smiles At Murder Feat. Mr. Hyde

Chasing The Dragon Feat. Necro

Alien Workshop

Canarsie Artie’s Brigade Feat. Necro, Q-unique & Goretex

Porno Director Feat. Goretex & Sabac Red

American History X

Uncle Zowie

Legend Has It

The Final Scene

Chasing The Dragon Feat. Necro (Moshpit Mix)