Mr. Complex - Forever New (CD)


After two Polyrhythm Addicts albums, four solo albums, a mixtape, collaboration album and an EP, Mr. Complex drops his best work yet: Forever New. Grown man rap music that has that Boom Bap sound with the late great 90's feel. One producer Mortal 1 for the entire album. Mr. Complex directed five music videos for the album that are set to launch on the release date.

The album has the Complex you are accustomed to with a bit of growth, wordplay, storytelling and humor. A very well rounded MC and a pronounced song writer. This album is loaded with high caliber singers Maya Azucena, Georgia Anne Muldrow, Cole Williams, Anna Simpson and others. Guest bars from Emcee's OC, Sadat X, General DV, Prince Po, Tiye Phoenix and Truth Enola.

Forever Nu

Look At What U Did

Then Was Then

Gotta Get Home

Beat Your Ass

Stormy Weather

King Kong Love


Lesbo Flo

Prove It To Ya

So Sad

Pleasant Surprise

Time And A Place

Shout Out Song

The Song Writer Skit