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Nobody & Mystic Chords of Memory - Tree Colored See (Cassette)


Tree Colored See is a collaborative effort between renowned L.A. hip hop and electronic producer Nobody (Elvin Estella) and Mystic Chords of Memory (featuring Chris Gunst of The Beachwood Sparks and The Aisler SetOs Jen Cohen). After swapping successful guest appearances on a few releases, the trio began working on a collaborative project in the spring of 2004. After a year filled with road trips and mailorder-only production efforts, the group hits upon a perfectly crafted blend of psychedelic hip-hop and sunshine folk-rock. A producer/ arranger in the classical sense, Nobody uses his samplebased tool set to create the foundations of the album. Gunst continues to mature as a songwriter and along with partner Cohen, adds wistful vocals and accomplished musicianship. Fans who may have followed these artists throughout their respective careers will be thrilled at how Tree Colored See brings out the best in each.

The Seed

Decisions, Decisions

Broaden A New Sound

Coyote's Song (When You Hear It Too)


Klaw Prints

Walk In The After Light

When The End Meets The Beginning

Feet Upon The Sand

Softer Sail


La Semilla (The Seed) Devendra Banhart Remix

Coyote's Song (When You Hear It Too) The Long Lost Remix

Feet Upon The Sand (DNTEL Remix)

Untitled Demo