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Nocando - Severed (Cassette)

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“I made ‘Severed’ at a time when my relationship with my wife — my high school sweetheart and the mother of my three children — was coming to an end,” Nocando explained in a press release. “This was right around the time the rap crew side of my record label Hellfyre Club began to disband and when I split from my business partners at Low End Theory of more than a decade. Plus, I was broke as fuck. The songs on ‘Severed’ are more personal, more vulnerable than anything I’d made before. The battle rap braggadocio that I held dear for so many years melted away. Every piece of my personal life was ripped apart and rearranged. I had no choice but to rebuild from the ground up.” -Nocando

Overall, Severed is a record about one man losing hope in everything and everyone, including himself, and also serves as one of Nocando’s most powerful albums to date.



El Camino

Wize Interlude Feat. Otherwize

Bodies Feat. Ghetts

Mykraphone Myk

Say Yes

Esless Feat. Slug

Villain Feat. Troop

Sick Feat. Aceylone & Tru

Sus Lord (oooh)