Obba Supa - W.I.D.E. (EP)

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W.I.D.E. stands for Window Into Dark Edits. The name of the new Obba Supa EP speaks for itself.

Teknical Development and Hey.zeus.i‘s most recent release FOR:AM drew their dedication to the AM to a close with a series of warm and organic songs. W.I.D.E. comes in stark contrast, with a cold and eerie Shamanic essence. Strong delay fx on the vocals and synthetic drum sounds dominate the slow, yet intensive arrangements.

The EP crosses genre borders, mixing Industrial with Boom Bap and Cloud Rap, the lyrics of the duo running seamlessly through the dark soundscape. With W.I.D.E., Teknical Development and Hey.zeus.i present a soundtrack to a dystopian World, lost in a labyrinth of urban reality.

Brave new world



Conversations with my cousin ft Anthony on Saxaphone

Spirit talk