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Pyramid Vritra - Story of Marsha Lotus (LP)

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Combining psychedelic arrangements with avant-garde jazz loops and brilliant rap flows, Hal Williams drags you into his world which is full of love, lust, and heartbreak. The title track ‘The Story Of Marsha Lotus’ reaches an epic fifteen minutes and is a journey through his relationship with one Marsha Lotus, which is full of ups and downs and wondrous production changes.

If the name Pyramid Vritra doesn’t grab you, then how about the Jet Age of Tomorrow, the Super 3, Odd Future, or NRK? Yeah? Well, good, because Vritra, aka Hal Williams, is part of all four of those acts. But he’s also doing it on his own and made his proper debut with a five-track album called The Story Of Marsha Lotus LP. Now, five tracks might seem short for a full-length LP, but that’s because dude’s made some lengthy compositions filled with multiple movements. The opening track, for example, is nearly 15 minutes long but plays like one seamless tune. If you like forward-thinking, jazzy hip-hop, you 

The Story Of Marsha Lotus


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