Dome Of Doom

Rah Zen - Midnight Satori (Cassette)


Limited Edition run of 200 High-Bias Translucent Purple cassette tapes w/ White Ink

Rah Zen’s Midnight Satori emerges from beyond time and space, serving as the Boston-based beat-maker's sonic thesis of his journey into the mystical world of lucid dreams and inner visions. Satori, a Japanese word meaning “sudden awakening,” defines the flashes of insight Rah has experienced in his creative process. Rah flips, mangles, and distorts compelling samples over off-kilter drums, creating an ethereal and spiritually engaging soundscape. Heavily sprinkled with vocal clips on dreams, metaphysics and the nature of our reality, Midnight Satori, guides the listener through a series of vignettes. “Lunar Eclipse,” the intense and solemn opening track, tears the soul apart for the subsequent reparation that takes place as Midnight Satori progresses.

The record plays like a cosmic escapade, delving into territories both dark and light. The ominous “Nightworks,” and meditative “Soular Eclipse,” slow the pace into a trance-inducing lull; while the colorful, heat-generating single “Tree of Life,” multi-faceted “Mindshift,” and amorous “Astral Love” provide glimmers of impassioned hope and optimism. Full of unpredictable turns and syncopated rhythms, the transcendental “Ways Within” features fellow Boston creative, Wavysight, and Brainfeeder signee/Flying Lotus collaborator, Jeremiah Jae, delivering skillful lyricism on the alchemy of daily inspiration. Corresponding analog visuals, constructed by New Orleans’ based artist, Metasonik, function symbiotically with Rah Zen’s music. The project comes to light via rising Los Angeles record label Dome of Doom. In its totality, Midnight Satori is a multi-media ode to the creative energy manifested in the late hours of the night into early morning, when most are asleep, and the lines between dream and reality become blurred.

Lunar Eclipse

In The Air (Breathe)


Tree of Life

Soular Eclipse

Into the Cosmos


Ohm (Interlude)

Hidden Place

Astral Love

For Unity

Waking Life

Ways Within (feat. Wavysight & Jeremiah Jae)

Midnight Satori