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Ras_G - The El Aylien Tapes, Vol. 1 & 2 (LP + Download Card)

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Ras G is one of the definitive producers of the Los Angeles beat scene, a co-founder of the Poo-Bah label, and hip-hop beat-maker who digs probably deeper than any into the worlds of free jazz, jazz fusion and afrofuturism.

The prolific producer currently has two albums on Brainfeeder, two released by Poo-Bah, and several on Leaving Records, including the beat tape series Raw Fruit. Focused and expansive, El-Aylien is a cosmic exhibit in Ras G’s sonic explorations of collage and rhythm.





El-Aylien Pt.2 Intro

Broken Cartridge!

Dogstar Sirius


Plates and Forks (The PAF)


Green Curry