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Serengeti - Dennehy + Beautyman EP (2xLP - Black/Clear Vinyl)

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"In 2006 the DENNY was released on CD. Now, in 2017 here it is on double vinyl. Side D features an unreleased EP with Beauty Man that was made in 2009. This album was the debut of Kenny Dennis, since then, I've done 9 albums as the fella, to be concluded with the JUELES. The first 200 people also receive a copy of the DEREK cassette, another character introduced on the DENNEHY. Thanks, have a nice time" - Serengeti

To many, Serengeti is known as a frequent Sufjan Stevens, Open Mike Eagle and WHY? collaborator who manages to intersect hip hop, indie pop, comedy and outsider art in a fluid and, oftentimes, beautiful manner. 2006's Dennehy is the debut odd-ball hip hop album that started it all. Available for the first time on gatefold colored double vinyl via Fake Four, Dennehy is an album performed in the voices of multiple Chicago based alter-egos that Serengeti has developed. Pitchfork wrote, "Too esoteric to be commercial and too weird for purists, Serengeti's aesthetic more closely resembles the unshaven folk-rap of Beck and Buck 65."



In's And Out's

I Don't Know





Love You But

Don't Talk To Jueles


Go Paint

New Dodge

Derek In Paris

The Neeg

Ozzie Guillen

Amateur Surgeon (Bonus)




I Guess