Dome Of Doom

Shrimpnose - Sullen (Cassette)


I've spent about 18 months or so working on the songs in sullen. The project is the physical embodiment of the emotional and physical tumults I've experienced becoming an adult. In the time I spent making the project, I lost family and friends to sickness, overdoses, and police shootings. I dropped out of college because I felt like my stutter was too big of a hurdle to clear in the university environment. I experienced having to skip eating some days because I couldn't afford it. Depression and self-doubt had been weighing on me more than ever.

Conversely, however, I also experienced the highest highs. I've experienced love. I've gotten to play with some of my heroes. I've gotten to release music that I'm proud of, and people have seemed to be enjoying it as much as I do. I even managed to start pulling in some income from selling beats and shows, which made pursuing music professionally more of a reality than ever.

The songs emulate the fluid ebb and flow of life and the emotions it provokes. One minute can feel like you're on top of a mountain, and the next can feel like you're underneath one, and I did my best to embody the stark, but cohesive contrast between the two.

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Peach (Feat. Olli)



My Pleasure

Witherwithout (Feat. Spencer Jones)