#TheWinners Records

SmooVth - SS96J: Smoothest Since 96 J (CD)


SmooVth, of the supergroup #TheWinners, releases his highly anticipated LP "SS96J : Smoothest Since 96 J" exclusively via FatBeats! SmooVth pays homage to the Brooklyn MC, Jay-Z, while taking the listener through a journey of his own life, living in Hempstead New York, being a father, being a husband and being an all around hustler! Featuring appearances by Kev Brown, Planet Asia, Killer Ben, Big Twins and #TheWinners crew! #SS96J

My Life [prod. Skammadix & SmooVth]

Iron Horse ft. Killer Ben [prod. giallo Point]

Windz ft. Hus Kingpin [prod. SmooVth]

Ouija ft. Hus Kingpin, Rozewood, Sage Infinite [prod. J.O.D & SmooVth]

The Inevitable [prod. SHARP]

The Love ft. Sage Infinite [prod. Brady James]

JIVE [prod. Kev Brown]

Just like that [prod. Chinch 33]

Amends [prod. El Ay]

Ashes ft. Planet Asia [prod. Brack Frost]

Wigs ft. BIG TWINS [prod. al.divino]

I'm the King ft. Marvelous Mag [prod. P Body]

The Sequel ft.Rogue Venom [prod. Raw Minerals]

Road Warriorz ft. Milano, Sean Rosati [prod. Vic Grimes]

Feelin It 2016 ft. El Ay [prod. SmooVth]

BONUS TRACK - Stingray [prod. K. Sluggah]