Tom Caruana

Tom Caruana Presents Wu-Tang Vs The Beatles ‎- Enter The Magical Mystery Chambers (2xLP)

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UK Producer Tom Caruana takes Wu Tang Clan-associated acapellas (group and individual) and layers with Beatles samples to make some quite amazing, laid back, psychedelic new versions.

The beats stay pretty true to RZA style production while chopping the samples, which serves the raps well..Tom Caruana does us all a service and breaths new life into the Wu-Tang Clan's back catalog.


1.Wu Vs Beatles (Intro)
3.Got Your Money
4.Forget Me Not
6.Uh Huh
7.Back In The Game
8.Da Mystery Of Chessboxin'
9.Daytona 500
11.Smith Bros
12.R.E.C. Room
13.Wu Vs Beatles (skit)
14.Mighty Heathy
15.Clientele Kidd
16.Cutting It Up
17.Release Yo Delf
18.City High
20.Cross My Heart
21.Uzi (Pinky Ring)
23.Slang Editorial
24.Save Me Dear
25.The Movement
26.Wu Tang Cream Team Line Up
27.Wu Vs Beatles (outro)