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Vast Aire and Raticus - The Heir Vast (EP - Colored Vinyl)


Harlem Veteran Vast Aire of Cannibal Ox fame teams up with Brooklyn producer Raticus on "The Heir Vast,” which is packed with six Boom Bap Golden Era Hip Hop songs, for the diehard Boom Bap Hip Hop fans.

Raticus has composed the theme music for this lyrical demonstration, along with abstract interludes and scratching to add to the ambience. Taking from his years of experience working with many independent labels (Da Shaüp Productions, Yosumi Records) and several underground artists (Kil Ripkin of the Coalescence, Ruste Juxxe, FT Street Smartz, Haziq Ali, Sean P, Lace Da Booms) Raticus provides you another Hip Hop album staying true to his Brooklyn roots. 



The Key



Chop Shop Freestyle

The Heir Vast (JEAN)

The Segway Zone

In The Zone