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Vince Staples - Prima Donna (10" - White Vinyl EP)


Limited edition 10" vinyl pressing of Long Beach, CA rapper Vince Staple's six-track EP Prima Donna.

Originally issued in August 2016 as the follow-up to Staple's acclaimed double-LP debut, Summertime '06, the raw, unhinged EP features production from DJ Dahi, James Blake, John Hill and No I.D. and guest contributions from A$AP Rocky and Kilo Kash.

Staples on his inspiration for the release to Rolling Stone: "I just know I never want to do the same thing twice. I don't care about any of this shit. I don't care about album sales, I don't care about the radio. I just want to do cool shit, because that's what everybody was doing in time periods that matter. You gotta think about it: We're about to have probably a decade or 20 years of music that no one remembers anything from. Like, who's the rock star right now? We got Kanye West, that's it. That's fucking sad. There are no Mick Jaggers, no Steve Tylers, none of those fucking people. No Keith Richards. That shit doesn't exist anymore. No fucking Jimi Hendrix."

Let It Shine

War Ready


Loco feat. Kilo Kish

Prima Donna feat. A$AP Rocky

Pimp Hand

Big Time