Enemy Soil

Vinnie Paz - Carry On Tradition (LP - Split Color Vinyl)

Vinnie Paz (Jedi Mind Tricks, Army of the Pharaohs, Heavy Metal Kings) is back with his third solo release in as many years following up last year's God of the Serengeti album and its successful singles for "Cheesesteaks" and "The Oracle." With Carry On Tradition, Vinnie set out to assemble an EP project featuring mainly rising emcees from the indie hip-hop ranks whose music he respects. "When I was coming up, I didn't have anyone around me who could help put me on, so I've always made it point to use any influence I have to put the spotlight on emcees who I think deserve more shine," says Vinnie. "That was part of my motivation to put the Army of the Pharaohs records together and now this record." 

On Carry On Tradition, a new wave of emcees team with industry veterans to create eight diverse tracks that range from the hardcore hip-hop that has become synonymous with Vinnie Paz to more concept-laden songs dealing with the dangers of the cult of personality ("Envy The Dead") and arguably Vinnie's most personal song to date which details his long battle with depersonalization disorder ("Is Happiness Just A Word?").

God Bless

The Devil's Ransom

No More Games

Envy The Dead

Bleed For Me

In The Middle Of Nowhere

Innermost Hate

Is Happiness Just A Word?