Yagi - Bellwoods (10'' + Download Card)


BRRWD is a label collabo between Ta-ku/ repeat pattern & Jakarta Records. 

Yagi is producer, ToruYaginuma from Saitama Japan. As co-founder of Tokyo’s TRANE event, Yagi has been involved with Tokyo’s vital beat scene for the past 5 years. It is through exactely that small community of Tokyo beat producers that Yagi, Repeat Pattern and Ta-ku first became aquatinted.  

Bellwoods is a collection of beats created during a one year stay in Toronto, Canada. Sourcing the core of it’s sound from folk records, Bellwoods is, for the most part a collection of experimental beats that fall somewhere between ambient and more hip hop informed sample music. Although firmly belonging to neither, this music will be of interest to those who enjoy nostalgic soundscapes and heavy kicks. 






After Flu