Giovanni Marks - Double Tech Jeep Music (10" Vinyl)

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Native Angeleno, producer, emcee (formerly known as Subtitle) and all around crevvy dude Giovanni Marks is releasing a new instrumental ten-track EP through the killers over at HIT+RUN entitled Double Tech Jeep Music [HNR46]. Recorded over the fall/winter 2014 season, the record serves as a semi-formal introduction to the "crev-wave" sub-genre of music that Giovanni has been cooking up over the last few years, as well as a soundtrack to the various escapades one would encounter while walking the roads and streets of their own area code. Rounded out by an appearance from the enigmatic COTO, (bass on "Put Name Here") this is definitely an indication that the crevolution just might be televised.

Onig Skram In The City, Doing Things

Samuraid Hot

Star's Trail of Descent

Fairfax And A Ron Swanson To Go

Put Name Here [ft. Coto]

80's Youth Intervention Commercial

Youth Is An Arc 78, 88, 98, 08

Say All Night Instead Of Yes

Zartan Is Crev

River's Tunnels