Headlock - Gang Nativity (Cassette)


Born from swampy house party revolutions in Portland and meeting somewhere at the intersection of concept art & hip-hop, rap duo Headlock are a well-loved slice of the Tucson music community. Triceratop plays the beats, Illslur puts down the raps, and together they’ve created “shredrap” a sound from dollar bin records, abandoned effects pedals, thrifted drum machines, heavy psych borrows and a VCR. They sound like a broken mirror without the 7 years of bad luck. While the fuzzy, almost abrasive production screams intensity, Headlock draw from wide inspiration and land somewhere near the intersection of Ill Communication x Ex Military.

Headlock’s new self-produced six-song EP “Gang Nativity” is released worldwide on via Hit+Run. Available on limited-edition first pressing of Aquamarine colored 10” vinyl (comes with an iron-on patch), hi-bias compact cassette tape (includes a 1” round button), plus the digital download featuring an exclusive bonus track “Bark Roar” not available on either physical format.

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Job Tho


Gang Nativity