(iN)Sect Records

Kinder - Timothy Grass (Album) (Digital)


Kinder, also known as Michael White, lives in a small town in Texas called San Marcos. Just south of Austin. It’s a truly beautiful city. For his 4th LP on (iN)Sect Records he has created another world for us to live in.

“Timothy Grass is a collection of songs that I made during the summer of 2017. It feels like a very, very long time ago now. The songs came together in a way not too dissimilar to the first Kinder album. I just started with some random ideas and ended up with a compilation of my favorite tracks out of that creative time. The name “Timothy Grass” just refers to a place I had in mind when listening back to the record. Beautiful spring day, a personal tump, nice breeze, and a good pair of headphones to help the experience along."