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Limalo - Follow Plants (Album) (Digital)


Follow Plants is the third record by Limalo, the psychedelic beat music duo based in Austin, Texas composed of long-time friends Jesse Darling and Jordan Smith. After meeting at an alternative school in Fort Worth, Texas with an emphasis on nature, Limalo came into being with their first record Human Bloom in 2013, a melty reel-to-reel saturated ambient beat album which blended warped samples with warbly rhodes and droning synthesizers. Limalo plays on the surreal with samples from things like Alejandro Jodorowky’s “The Holy Mountain” and “Fantastic Planet”.

After relocating to Austin, Texas in 2014, Limalo released their sophomore record Oasis of Days, a blissful expression of relief and renewal through a dreamlike tour of detuned keys, lap steel guitar slides, and boom-bap beats. The track “Viewing Growth” features a collaboration with Austin based local legend Botany, a musical kindred spirit and close friend.

After nearly 7 years, Limalo is back with their third record, Follow Plants.