Niagara - Niagara (LP - Reissue)


Reissue of Niagara's self-titled debut, originally released in 1970. Niagara was more a project than an actual band, formed by German jazz drum legend Klaus Weiss. He formerly worked with another jazz legend from his mother country, Klaus Doldinger, and gained fame in the German jazz circuit of the '60s and '70s. His 1971 works with Niagara was the offspring of the vision to create an orchestra made entirely of drummers and percussionists. Despite the fact that there is definitely no regular melody instrument to be heard on this album, the two lengthy compositions are arranged in such an enthralling way, they still have a rather catchy and memorable feel.

Among the cult drummers featured on this album are Udo Lindenberg (yes, the icon of German rock and pop started as a drummer) and session hero Keith Forsey. So what both compositions offer is an ever pulsating rhythm inferno, a maelstrom of different grooves and sounds. This album is not full of pop tunes. Niagara enchants and hypnotizes with a massive wall of percussion sounds, dragging the listener deeper and deeper into a state of trance, which is utterly addictive. Niagara goes deeper than most psychedelic rock with dreamy melodies and heavy organ work. Incomparable to anything else, this is an ultimate rhythm experience.