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Sol Yaged & Tino Valpa - Your Wish Is My Command (LP)

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Release Date: 08/23/2019
What do you get when you mix two different musicians from
totally different backgrounds who are nearly 70 years apart in
age? The result is “Your Wish Is My Command” – a high
energy album that connects the dots between swing and punk
rock. This unexpected pair consists of Sol Yaged: a 95-year old
NYC jazz legend teaming up with Tino Valpa: a 28-year old
punk rocker from New Hampshire, vocalist of The Cryptics. Sol
Yaged was a Manhattan-based clarinetist whose legendary
career included performing with every 1940’s & 50’s big band
great you can think of. He started playing clarinet in 1935 and
played up until his death at 96 years old in May 2019. Tino
Valpa had befriended Sol in recent years which led to the Pine
Hill Records reissue of Sol’s debut album “It Might As Well Be
Swing” from 1956. It was then that Tino approached Sol about
recording some new material, to which Sol immediately
accepted and even came up with the title “Your Wish Is My
Command.” Within days Tino wrote the songs, recorded the
basic tracks then headed down to NYC to record Sol’s parts.
The first four tracks are the new recordings followed by a live
set from 1972 that was sitting around on a reel-to-reel in Sol’s
apartment. They decided to get it converted and it came out
great. You get to hear Sol in his prime with a top notch backing
band, ripping through tracks like “The World Is Waiting For
The Sunrise” at blazing punk rock speeds. This album also
features Harry Sheppard, Sol’s vibraphonist that played with
him in the 1950’s who gladly partook in this recording. At 90
years old Harry is still performing regularly to this day. This
album is the ONLY other Sol Yaged studio recording besides
his 1956 debut album “It Might As Well Be Swing” – making it
63 years between albums! What?! How?! Sol Yaged will
always be remembered for his true passion for music. A man
that played clarinet 7 nights a week and earned his entire living
doing what he loves. What Sol, Harry & Tino did together
represents total unity, friendship, and similarity between
musicians – regardless of background. The album is here…
enjoy it! The pressing is very limited: 200 LPs (100 white, 100
blue) and 300 CDs.