Cold Busted

V/A - Funkinjazz 2 (CD)


Los Angeles based label Cold Busted readies the second volume of a ten part series. This series covers the best Funk and Jazz inspired tracks found only on Cold Busted. Each release is hand-picked with many of the songs available on CD for the first time including cuts by Akshin Alizadeh, Mister T, Singularis, and Bloody Tadi. If you haven’t heard of Cold Busted then this is the compilation series you should start with.

Singularis - Summer Joyride

Q Funktion - Bubblers

Nick Tremo - 7 Playaz

mister T. - The Party

Liberty Klaud - Have Sax With Me

My Neighbour Is - Don’t Stop My Gran Torino

Bloody Tadi - All You Need Is

CrackerJack - Get Down

Krystian Shek - Funkey Roids

LoopMaffia - Return Of Da SupaBrotha

Green Street - Don’t Deny It

Mojo Rising - You Dig

Sixfingerz - The Props

Akshin Alizadeh - Walkin’ 2gether