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A Tribe Called Quest - The Low End Theory (2xLP)

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In the wake of the release of A Tribe Called Quest's first album, 1990's stellar People's Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm, critics who had previously ignored hip-hop sat up and took notice of Q-Tip's sophisticated and unorthodox productions, and Phife Dog's party rocking but winningly self-deprecating rhymes. But the critics often overlooked Tribe's far-reaching roots in the hip-hop underground and their larger place in the history of black music in general. The Low End Theory was in many ways a conscious attempt to redress these critical oversights; it also happens to be one of the finest hip-hop albums ever recorded.

From the sinuous Art Blakey samples and myth-making rhymes of "Excursions" to the joyous free for all of the epic posse cut "Scenario", The Low End Theory is a stone masterpiece that establishes Tribe's place in hip-hop's history. They draw on everything from the crowd-hyping improvisations of their early park jams, to the complex sciences of Golden Age rhyming styles. Simply put, The Low End Theory is essential for anyone seeking to understand hip-hop.


Buggin' Out

Rap Promoter


Verses From the Abstract (Ft. Vinia Mojica & Ron Carter)

Show Business (Ft. Diamond D, Lord Jamar & Sadat X)

Vibes and Stuff

The Infamous Date Rape

Check the Rhime

Everything is Fair

Jazz (We've Got)



Scenario (Ft. Busta Rhymes, Charlie Brown & Dinco D)