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Alec Holowka - Night In The Woods (2xLP - 180 Gram Black Vinyl)


The soundtrack to the universally acclaimed, award winning video game "Night in the Woods". Featuring 36 tracks across two 180 gram records in deluxe gatefold packaging, Alec Holowka's whimsical, nostalgic score is a refreshing blend of easy listening, mysterious melancholy and carefree rock jams. The perfect soundtrack for a relaxing afternoon in on a rainy day, this record is a must-have for all "Night in the Woods" fans or anyone looking to get lost in a charming, fun and peaceful mix of tunes.


Die Anywhere Else

Back to the Holler

Astral Alley


Astral Coal Town

Batter Up

Astral Train

Weird Autumn

Possum Springs

Mallard’s Tomb

Ol’ Pickaxe

Video Outpost ‘Too’

Poetry Society



Cycles III

Gregg’s Woods

Pumpkin Head Guy

The Long Fall

Church Hill

Rainy Day

Lori M.

Astral Fish

Graveyard Investigations

Thryy Wyrd Tyyns

Finding Bea


Church of the First Coalescence

Angus’ Story


The Hole at the Center of Everything



End Credits

Longest Night