One Little Indian

Björk - Post (LP - Pink Vinyl)


In celebration of Björk’s mid-career retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, and the release of the Björk: Archives book, One Little Indian is reissuing the Björk vinyl back catalogue, and for an exclusive period the vinyl will be coloured to the hue that personifies that album character. After 5000 copies all albums will revert back to black vinyl.

For her second solo outing following the break-up of the Sugarcubes Björk enlisted a handful of top producers including Nellee Hooper, Graham Massey, Tricky, Howie B and Marius de Vries and ambitiously expands on her electronic dance-pop sound with trip-hop and orchestral flourishes. Featuring the singles "Army Of Me," "Hyperballad," "It's Oh So Quiet," "Isobel" and "Possibly Maybe."

"Whereas Debut was like the greatest hits of ten years, Post was like the last two years. For me, all the songs on the album are like saying, 'listen, this is how I'm doing,' and that's why I called the record Post, because I always address my songs back in my head to Iceland in a letter. Because it was such a big jump for me to move away from all my relatives, all my friends, everything I know." - Björk

Army of Me


The Modern Things

It's Oh So Quiet


You've Been Flirting Again


Possibly Maybe

I Miss You

Cover Me