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Björk - Selmasongs (LP - 200 Gram Vinyl - Limited Import)

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Reissued on 200-gram vinyl. Available September 8th, 2017.

From Lars Von Trier's controversial Dancers in the Dark, Selmasongs features the creative and emotional songs that helped drive the film. Björk plays the role of Selma, a Czech factory worker who is going blind but finds hope and refuge in the musicals she watches. Her character comes to life through the music Björk composed, performed, and produced with conductor/arranger Vincent Mendoza and her longtime collaborators Mark "Spike" Stent and Mark Bell. She duets with Thom Yorke on "I've Seen It All," while "In The Musicals" shows how easy it is for her character to slip into fantasy. Seven tracks in all.



    I've Seen It All


    In The Musicals

    107 Steps

    New World