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Nick Zammuto - We the Animals: An Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (2xLP - Yellow-White-Clear Mash-Up Vinyl)

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We The Animals is the award-winning new film from Jeremiah Zagar (In A Dream). Based on the best-selling novelby Justin Torres, We The Animals is Zagar's first narrative feature. It reunites Zagar with Nick Zammuto, therenowned composer and co-founder of beloved collage-pop pioneers, the Books. Inspired by the film's setting inrural upstate New York - and influenced by the early ambient electronic music that galvanized the Books twodecades ago - Zammuto pairs that earthen, wooded isolation with dynamic pulses of customized electronics andsparse, crystalline layers of melodic soft synths. The juxtaposition is arresting, and gives the soundtrack a unique heftbefitting of its subject matter - and betraying of its minimal instrumentation. Beautifully edited and sequenced to actas both a companion to the film and a standalone album, We The Animals: An Original Motion Picture Soundtrack isas subtle as it is startling, and succeeds in making even the heaviest emotions feel momentarily weightless.

I’ll Fly Away

We Wanted More

We Wanted Less

Just This

Look At Me

You Went So Far

Under The Bed

Paps Leaves

The Kitchen

Like A Bomb


Dream Of Paps


Tonight We’ll Go For A Ride

You Were Supposed To Find Us

Bad Bad Bad

Wet Dream

No More Crying

Paps Dig A Grave

It Was My Grave

Bad Nightmare


Can I Come?

Fly Away

I’m Nobody’s Baby

We The Animals