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Cymarshall Law & Mr. Joeker - Hip Hop in the Soul 3 (LP - Green Vinyl)


Every few years in the genre of Hip Hop there comes an album that gracefully, yet unapologetically steers clear of the redundantly trodden path that so many artist become accustomed to walking. Such bravery is often rewarded by the Art Gods, this time is no exception as UK-born, New Jersey-based emcee Cymarshall Law & Hungarian Producer Mr. Joeker team up for the 3rd time and bring you the masterful, Hip Hop in the Soul 3, the first in the series featuring KRS-1, this time a colorful bunch of guests are invited.

Cymarshall Law weaves in and out of different song topics that have rarely been touched if at all effortlessly as his lyrical prowess has yet again moved forward in innovative and original way.The MCs refusal to “ walk in a straight line” is refreshing in a way that lets you know some artists still value originality and crafting a skill of their own. Mr. Joeker steps forward to prove he is a true gem in the form of a super producer.The production here raises the bar boom bap reigns supreme, though Mr. Joeker shows great range by taking us into new musical dimensions of his own creation, the result is Hip Hop in it’s purest , rawest form with a new school twist, an album that by all means will wake many people up to take notice, as this duo is finally putting the Soul back into Hip Hop

My Soul

Martin, Malcolm & Madiba

We Go featuring Homeboy Sandman & Eternia

More than a Man

Problems featuring Nyari Simmons

Planet Black Law featuring Planet Asia

Earth & Water featuring Queen Herawin (of the Juggaknots)

Reggae Music featuring Black Ice

My Religion is Love

You featuring Gyovanni

Planet Woman featuring Jordan Soke

Letter to My Father featuring Gyovanni

100 Years

Crack of Dawn