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Denaun Porter - The Great Depression A.P. (LP - Black Vinyl)

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Grammy Award-winning producer, Mr. Porter, joins forces with Fat Beats to release “The Great Depression A.P.” his first commercially-released instrumental album, containing 17 rare musical gems created during the years 2006-2008. This period represents the passage of dark depression, emotional isolation, and self-imposed exile in Porter’s life; the title’s “A.P.” stands for After Proof, referring to the untimely passing of Detroit rapper Proof, a standout rapper in Detroit’s musical scene, member of D12 and childhood friend to Eminem and Porter himself.

The music created throughout this timespan is the sound of Mr. Porter spiraling into himself and away from social interaction, devoid of self love, the elements contained are the vibrations of his loss.  “T.G.D  A.P.” is a unique collection of songs produced during this momentous period and previously shared only with Marvwon and Royce Da 5’9.

Coming off the acclaimed “pOrTeR cHoPs gLaSpEr”, a classic re-imagined instrumental EP inspired by works of the great Robert Glasper, “T.G.D  A.P.” holds steadfast to the  “outside-the-box” creations, infused with infectious, signature drums that Mr. Porter is often praised for. Healthy, happy and hopeful, Mr. Porter is determined to embrace the love received from fans and has released this most intimate sharing of a very personal collection.


My Own Planet

Red Next

All For My Man


Cali Tox


Dougie Fresh



I Didn't Know

Snow In The Summer

Good To Go

Home Run

Do What I Gotta Do

Fuckin Makeup