EPMD - Strictly Business (2xLP)

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For those of us who remember 1988, it was the year that Eric B & Rakim, Public Enemy and Slick Rick (and several others) all had releases and woven in each one were lyrics that would reflect what was happening around them. New York was on a decline seemingly in a way, as drugs, guns, violence, vandalism, racial tensions, etc. were permeating its cities and became the topics in rap albums that year. While these legends were revolutionizing rap on a global level with heavy lyrics and thought-provoking concepts, a duo would emerge that would bring lighthearted, laid back, feel good rhymes.

This was the year that Erick Sermon and Parrish Smith would pair up and become EPMD. They would release their debut album “Strictly Business” and bring a whole different type of “revolution” to the industry. It was subtle. They incorporated elements in this album that didn’t SEEM to be anything different from what we would hear in the 80’s, but upon closer listen, we learn quickly that they brought a new approach and cemented this as a classic and game changing album. - Hip-Hop Golden Age

Strictly Business

I’m Housin’

Let The Funk Flow

You Gots To Chill

It’s My Thing

You’re A Customer

The Steve Martin

Get Off The Wagon

DJ K La Boss