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FloFilz - Transit (LP)

“Jazz (We've Got)” was the title of the second single from A Tribe Called Quest's iconic album “The Low End Theory”. It was released in 1991, the same year FloFilz was born. Similar to Tribe FloFilz resurrects jazz for a new generation. He has been doing this for a while now and is pretty good at it, as you might know if you are familiar with his previous works “Metronom” and “Cenário”. In 2019 things have changed. Today jazz is not only about diggin' old records and learning about Bird and Trane. Jazz is very much alive and the city of London has become one of its epicenters. The UK jazz scene is happening because it is deeply connected with hip-hop, soul and club music. A perfect setting for FloFilz. Over the last 18 months, he has collected serious Eurostar miles, heading from Aachen to London - going to gigs, hanging out with musical allies and recording new material. This is why he calls his new album “Transit”. Through 18 tracks FloFilz translates the current London vibe in his very own style and fashion and I dare to say that “Transit” may be the best album he has treated us with so far.” Olski, April 2019


Arcade feat. Alfa Mist

Lanai Gardens

Hoxton Hoops feat. K, Le Maestro

Ramen for Breakfast

The Don

Telegraph Hill Park

Crepuscule (Interlude)

You & Me feat Barney Artist

Bad Self

Camberwell feat. Alfa Mist

Tube Trouble


Lucid Daze

Inside Out feat. Biig Piig

Montclare St.


Far Of