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Fredfades & Eikrem - Jazz Cats (LP)


Fredfades on the SP:1200 & Eikrem on the trumpet = Jazz Cats. New cover art and remastered.

Fredfades is making his name in hip-hop circles worldwide as one of the most jazzy producers around. He’s joined up with the gifted jazz trumpeter Kristoffer Eikrem for a full Jazz Cats LP. Needless to say, the project lives up to its title. The two enlist several other jazz musicians on this innovative LP, as well as rappers like Ivan Ave.


Snow Flakes

Obvious ft. Ivan Ave

Focus Point

While We Sip On This Brew ft. Azon Blaze, SkyBlew & Lindsey Whittington


2015 Til’ Infinity

All Dreams, No Sleep

It’s Been A Minute ft. Ivan Ave

Jazz Cats

Waiting Forever

Take Cover

All The Way Down ft. Azon Blaze

Good Night (Outro)