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Indian Jewelry - Doing Easy (LP - Gold Vinyl)

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Texas duo Indian Jewelry have been a staple of psych and noise scene for nearly a decade. Their eighth album, Doing Easy is music made with the lightest touch possible even when handling vicious topics. For Indian Jewelry, every nuance of composition is important, crafted; but like all successful structures, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Doing Easy feels like a career defining statement for a band always getting their hands dirty but never breaking a sweat. The profanity of hard work carried in on a sacred breeze. But that's never really been a problem for Indian Jewelry. Exposing the struts, foolproofing the chi, and greasing the strings: Indian Jewelry want to change your brain.

Turn It On Again


Inside the Shadows



Do Survive

Luxury of Regret

Riding Cars (Talking Trash)

Vast Division

Calling, Calling

the Keys

Lovely Rita