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Joe Baer Magnant Group - Liminal Spaces (LP - 180 Gram Vinyl)


180 Gram Vinyl Pressing of The Joe Baer Magnant Group's Second Album. Limited to 500 copies. Digital Download Included. Recorded analog to tape.

Guitarist Joe Baer Magnant's second release with his quartet doesn't aim to stake any claims in the world of jazz. Instead, Liminal Spaces reflects the ever-changing living venue that resides inside a working musician who has spent a majority of his life working through bar bands, jazz clubs, and folk coffee houses. But rather than challenging the rules of genre in protest, the Joe Baer Magnant Group happily uses it all, melting together influences; the jazz, folk, blues, rock, and even surrealism of Erik Satie in his swaggering arrangement of the first of Satie’s ""Trois Gnossiennes."" ""Coagulate,"" the opening track, glides softly through some odd time signatures and key changes without the need for fanfare: this is Magnant's intention when telling the story of packing up gear and heading to the next gig.

The quartet includes Chris Lujan on bass (leader of classic R&B/Soul group, The M-Tet), Tony Capriccio on Fender Rhodes (leader of fusion group, The Hexaphonics), and Michael Reed (drummer for electronica/jazz groups Secret Sidewalk and The Edomites).


Trois Gnossiennes (I)


Tezeta (Nostalgia)


Liminal Spaces