Hippos In Tanks

Laurel Halo - Hour Logic (EP - 12" Vinyl)


Laurel Halo returns with Hour Logic, a new 12" EP on Hippos in Tanks set for a June 21st release. Hour Logic marks a stylistic evolution in Halo, a result of her sharpened production skills and alchemical acumen; drawing inspiration from pacific IDM, ambient and the techno of her native Michigan, the pop structures of King Felix have morphed into fleeting, mutant grooves, in which her warm vocals, interlocking arrangements and hyper real ambience continue to shine. LFO tides, self-mutilated vocal samples and fresh synth pursuits are the foundation of Halo s heavy live shows add to this her solid remix work, mixes and upcoming synth collaboration, and you ll discover in her an emerging, innovative producer. Like a refraction of light in the ocular abyss, Hour Logic is an ode to time leaping, designed to aid in moments of brain traffic and physical transit.


Constant Index


Speed of Rain

Hour of Logic

Strength in Free Space