KingUnderground Records

Lewis Parker - The Puzzle: Episode 2 - The Glass Ceiling (2xLP)


Lewis Parker’s second solo album on KingUnderground, reissued with a new cover art by Bee Graphics. The Glass Ceiling is a continued espionage thriller, about the trials and tribulations in Lewis Parker’s and associates' lives. This time we join Mr Parker as he journeys into the illusive world of dramatic, sound-excitement. Whilst putting together the missing pieces of the mystery of man and the universe, he finds himself trapped in a web of intrigue. Parker deals with international business affairs, love, loss, crime and corruption, in an all out race with the devil! Guest features from Sadat X, Shabaam Sahdeeq, John Robinson, T.R.A.C, Eastkoast, ZU and more.

Glass Clouds (intro)

The Glass Ceiling (main theme)

World on your Shoulders

Puzzle (skit)

Aerial View

Big Themes for Little Losers

Alone in Glass (skit)

Summer with Asakala


Face of Illusion (Zu link)



Alone Thoughts


Hard Endeavour

Drum Drama (skit)

Words for the Boss

Behind Backs

Espionage Ring (skit)

The Facts Remain

Face of Illusion

Vibrato Illusion

Truth Syndrome

Walking on a Razor (part 2)

Glass Survival (skit)

Game of Survival

Hand of Jokers

Race with the Devil

Glass Beat (link)

Worldwide Assassination