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Lewis Parker - The Puzzle Episode 2: The Glass Ceiling (Instrumentals) (2xLP)


Double LP of instrumentals from the Glass Ceiling on black vinyl with full colour artwork and extended versions.

There are 30 instrumental tracks full of tough drums and panoramic sounds. The Glass Ceiling is a product of many years spent perfecting the craft and negotiating the rocky terrain of the music industry. The album plays out through the strong conceptual framework of an espionage, crime thriller which Lewis Parker has been fine tuning since his early career days. Here though, the concept seems to have solidified and strengthened resulting in his most coherent and thematic release to date, which is astonishing given the length of the album.

The Glass Clouds (Intro)

The Glass Ceiling (Main Theme)

World On My Shoulders

Puzzle (Skit)

Ariel View

Big Themes For Lil Losers

Alone In Glass (Skit)

Summer With Asakala


Face Of Illusion (Zu Link)



Alone Thoughts


Hard Endeavour

Drum Drama (Skit)

Words For The Boss

Behind Backs

Espionage Ring (Skit)

The Facts Remain

Face Of Illusion

Vibrato Illusion

Truth Sydrome

Walking On A Razor (Part 2)

Glass Survival (Link)

Game Of Survival

Hand Of Jokers

Race With The Devi

Glass Beat (Link)

Worldwide Assassination