Psychic Fortitude

Mystery Cave - Ausarian Comforts (LP + Download Card)


Mystery Cave’s first full-length album debuts on Psychic Fortitude, newly minted in-house Alpha Pup Records imprint, serving as the thesis of an already rich sonic palette John C. Harris II has refined through years of music production and promotion in the San Diego music community.

As the proper primer to the Mystery Cave universe, the disjointed romp of tracks like “Ohm Loop II” and the oddly reflective “Chicken & Waffles” occasionally gives way to moodier, more introspective fare such as mid-album highlight “Smriti”. Across the wholly instrumental album, the selections of sonics mystically allude to the album’s namesake, a centuries-old calendar cycle that has its roots in Ancient Egypt.

“If some electronic music sounds mechanistic by nature, Mystery Cave is among those who are moving in the opposite direction, using technology as best they can to get closer to natural and supernatural realms, and to better understand their own minds.” - Peter Holslin,

Welcome to the Ausarian Age.

Ancestral Ascension

Ohm Loop II

Chicken & Waffles


Little Buddha



Golden Lampshade