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Not the 1s - Everybody's Rappin' (LP - Picture Disc)

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Everybody's Rappin is the second album by Bay Area rap duo Not the 1s, featuring a bucket list of producers and guest artists including Kool Keith and Riff Raff. Throwback beats, verbal calisthenics, and hilarious rhymes litter the album, creating a landscape that is both nostalgic and fresh. Guest production by heavyweights such as Ediston Victrola, Monster Rally, and Yalls.

Not the 1s to Be Gamed On

I Can't Live With You (feat. Prego w/ Zest)

What's He Talkin About?

You Wack (feat. Kool Keith)

Lite Years

Soda Popinski

Bro (feat. Waes One)

Rap Game Donut Sprinkles (feat. Riff Raff)

You Can't Scare Me