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Pantha Du Prince - The Triad (2xLP)

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Since his first 12” as Pantha Du Prince in 2002, Hendrik Weber has steadily built himself a career as a progenitor of the organic, humanistic branch of minimal techno that has helped the genre – and experimental electronic music more broadly – earn itself the place at the cultural table that it now has.

And with his first proper solo Pantha Du Prince LP in 6 years, coming after 2010’s beloved, now-canonical Black Noise (and his acclaimed 2013 collaboration with The Bell Laboratory, Elements Of Light), Weber has further refined and advanced his uniquely naturalistic style into a sweeping and grand, but detailed and absorbing album, whose tracks evoke the tides’ crashings as much as the orchestra’s chamber, a cool night in a damp, mossy forest as much as the thrum of the dancefloor.

A brilliant addition to an already spectacular career, The Triad is Pantha Du Prince’s most far-reaching statement yet, and a testament to the deeply human, enchanting potential in electronic music.

The Winter Hymn (feat. Queens)

You What? Euphoria!

Frau im Mond, Sterne laufen

In an Open Space (feat. Queens)

Chasing Vapour Trails (feat. Joachim and Kassian)


Dream Yourself Awake

Lions Love (feat. Joachim)

Islands In The Sky

Wallflowers for Pale Saints