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Psychic Graveyard - Loud As Laughter (LP + Double Sided Poster-Lyric Sheet)

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Loud As Laughter is a thrashing, wild beast of a track - frightening in its intensity (think Arab on Radar meets Throbbing Gristle). Listening to it brings back memories of an episode of Soviet-era cartoon Nu Pogodi - the one where the main character ends up in a rocket and is shaken in a violent simulation of an astronauts experience... Theres a reason why it hits so hard - Psychic Graveyard features the noise rock scenes creme da la creme in its ranks. - I HEART NOISE Noise Rock pioneers, Eric Paul (Arab On Radar, Chinese Stars, Doomsday Student), Paul Vieira (The Chinese Stars, Doomsday Student), and Nathan Joyner (Some Girls, All Leather, Hot Nerds) venture through uncharted territory with their new band, Psychic Graveyard. Nathan Joyners grinding synths and found sound buries the seed of each song deep into the fertile ground - while Paul Vieiras manic, fuzzed-out guitars and Eric Pauls obsessive lyrics shower the proceedings with equal parts sunshine and rain.

Loud As Laughter

These Are My Wires

The Night

Cheap Casket

That's Not Blood

Sleeps With Knives

Dead In Different Places

Victim Of A Talk Radio Crisis

I Know That Man