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Q-Cut & Moontroop - The Dirty Something (2xLP)

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Out of the deep of the swamp comes the Dirty Something - a threeheaded creature from a retrofitted future, dripping and oozing with sonic slime, breathing clouds of toxic dust. Step through the wormhole into another dimension filled with shady purveyors of unheralded truth and artful violence, cybernetic android love-robots, cosmic dope peddlers & paranoid geniuses and marvel at the beautiful insanity. Powered by the dark-matter propulsion engine that is the warped mind of Q-Cut the mad scientist, The Dirty Something is not so much a trip into the unknown as an abduction into a strange parallel realm where dirty is pretty and the shadows shine too bright for the eye to bear.

For existing Moontroop fans, the album will mark a return to the earlier, gritter releases by the collective, with productions sometimes reminiscent of previous tracks like Brainsnot and Weird Science. The reason for this lies with Q-Cut, whose sinister, dusty sound esthetic was the main source of inspiration for this album; his beats provide the perfect canvas for Rob and A.C. to paint their increasinly bizarre pictures. The Dirty Something will undoubtedly appeal to listeners with an ear for unconventional hiphop. Fans of Fondle’em, Definitive Jux and of course Company Flow take note: this record is one for you.


The Dirty Something

Grand Design

Something Something Dark Side


The Edge


And Now…A Smoke

Seller’s Market

Czar Shit

A Call From Dr. Gonzo

In The Kut

Swamp Things

Solo & The Wookie

The Toymaker

Falling Into Space