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Santana - Africa Speaks (2xLP)

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Last month, Santana premiered “Los Invisibles,” a new song from the band’s forthcoming studio album, Africa Speaks.  Now the record’s full track list has been revealed.

According to a post on Santana’s Facebook page, the album features 11 songs inspired by the music of Africa, with such titles as “Batonga,” “Blue Skies,” “Breaking Down the Door” and “Luna Hechicera,” the latter of which is Spanish for “Sorceress Moon.”

Africa Speaks was produced by Rick Rubin, and came together over a prolific 10-day period at Rubin’s Shangri La Studios in Malibu, California, during which the band recorded a whopping 49 songs, many of them in just one take. A Spanish singer named Buika [BWEE-kah] contributes lead vocals to many tracks on the album, including “Los Invisibles.”

Oye Este Mi Canto

Yo Me Lo Merezco

Blue Skies

Paraisos Quemados

Breaking Down the Door

Los Invisibles

Luna Hechicera


Candombe Cumbele