Slug Christ - Judas' Betrayal and The Three Day Burial of A Salted Slug (LP - Black Vinyl)

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Prolific is the way Blackhouse-by-way-of-Awful family member Slug Christ carries himself. After countless collab projects and singles, Slug Christ returns with his second proper full length record in the three part saga, “Judas’ Betrayal and The Three Day Burial of A Salted Slug”. Rich with heavy and intricate production work, nearly all orchestrated by the man himself, Slugger comes to the table with 11 new unreleased pieces of unprecedented work. Solidifying his body of work as the strongest to date, “Judas’ Betrayal” is a portrait, a time capsule if you will, of raw emotion, bass heavy beatwork, and some very in-depth lyrical content that is more thought provoking than it would be for mere entertainment purposes.

This is the pinnacle of Slug Christ’s artistry, and we here at Blackhouse are honored to present this to you in it’s entirety.

Feel Saner


Watcha Got

Fell In Love Inside A K-Hole (feat. Lord Narf)


Said My Name

All Washed Off

Thinkin' Bout Prayin

Don't Understand

What Diddie Do?

Either Way