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Sonic Youth - Goo (4xLP - Boxset + Booklet)

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The Deluxe Edition of Sonic Youth’s 1990 album Goo includes thirty one songs: the original album remastered; remixed and remastered versions of the band’s 8-track demos; rehearsal outtakes, the band’s contribution to William Burroughs’ Dead City Radio, B-sides and the promotion-only “Goo Interview.” A 16-page book is included with an interview-essay by Byron Coley, an essay by Mark Kates, and never-before-seen photos.

Sonic Youth began as a New York alternative/noise/punk/art band and quickly developed a strong cult following. Considered the 'Godfathers of alternative rock' their style has influenced countless bands, many of whom have opened for them on the latest Lollapalooza tour. Sonic Youth is well-respected by people as diverse as Nirvana and Neil Young (who had them as an opening act).

With eight albums already under their belt, Goo offers Sonic Youth's strongest writing skills and sharpest melodies to date. This 1990 release is considered their most accessible and broad-based record. Goo was produced by Sonic Youth and friends and was recorded at Sorcerer Sound Studios and Green Street Recording in New York City.

Dirty Boots

Tunic (Song for Karen)


Kool Thing


My Friend Goo


Mildred Piercev

Cinderella’s Big Score

Scooter and Jinx

Titanium Expose

Lee #2 (Demo)

That's All I Know (Right Now) (Demo)

The Bedroom (Live)

Dr. Benway's House (Demo)

Tuff Boyz (Demo)

Tunic (8-Track Demo)

Number One (Disappearer) (8-Track Demo)

Titanium Expose (8-Track Demo)

Dirty Boots (8-Track Demo)

Corky (Cinderella's Big Score) (8-Track Demo)

My Friend Goo (8-Track Demo)

Bookstore (Mote) (8-Track Demo)

Animals (Mary-Christ) (8-Track Demo)

DV2 (Kool Thing) (8-Track Demo)

Blowjob (Mildred Pierce) (8-Track Demo)

Lee #2 (8-Track Demo)

I Know There's An Answer

Can Song


Goo Interview Flexi